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Re: Panasonic up for a Porcine Achievement Award

Detail Man wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Chez Wimpy wrote:

Anders W wrote:

I don't. I think IR's interview with Olympus strongly indicates that it is made by Sony. You don't.

I just think it shows what a great company Panasonic is. They develop this incredible sensor, leaps and bounds over what they managed to date, and allow Olympus to have exclusive use for nearly a year - including their bargain priced models - putting all of Panasonic's cameras to shame. Not only that, they went and released another model with the older-GH2 sensor fab in the interim just to further EM5 sales, and winked to the crowd "hey, mums the word!" when the Olympus president declared that the EM5 used a Sony sensor. Then even held back from making the GH3 implementation multi-aspect to maintain an advantage over Olympus.

Occam's razor couldn't even manage melted butter at this point, but I think the pertinent issue is: "Who cuts melted butter anyways?" Seriously Anders, I don't know what reality YOU are living in!

Right! Don't know how on earth I could have overlooked how Occam actually slices his baloney.

Apologies for pedantries, but I cannot help but note that this would be properly spelled "bologna":

What the h**k. Here I do my very best to adapt to the vernacular of the forum and you dare to correct me! Besides, I am sure Occam himself would much have preferred real Mortadella to that slimy stuff. Wonder what expression the Italians use? Here in Sweden we say "skära kuttingen" and don't you dare try to correct me on that.

Source: Bologna by Bar-S Foods, Phoenix AZ (USA), Glane23: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c3/Bologna_lunch_meat_style_sausage.JPG/536px-Bologna_lunch_meat_style_sausage.JPG

For further edification and enlightenments, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bologna_sausage


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