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Darrell500 wrote:

It's almost like there are some that were hoping Olympus wouldn't make another DSLR what are they afraid of? I think many sold off there 43 gear thinking they were cutting a fat hog getting out before the death of the system. Now many are shooting Canon or Nikon and finding out that they miss their Olympus glass plus we will soon have a nice sensor to go with all those great lenses. The m43 people seem to fear that Olympus attention to 43 will diminish in some way their ability to support the micro system.

What I think people need to realize is that Olympus went through some tough times with limited resources so of course they concentrated on keeping their lead in m43. If Olympus is able at some point to pull these two systems together it could be very tempting to the dual system shooters.

Darrell, for some I don't even think the issue is really the performance of the gear. It's simply that some people have a vicarious attachment to what the gear symbolizes. Olympus gear supposedly conveys a message of "I'm not joining the CaNikon pack. I choose a more original path. My glass is better than yours. I stand out in the crowd of people using CaNikon".

With this mentality, the actual performance of the gear is likely less important than the nameplate on the camera.

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