AF on the 70-200 VR I

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Re: AF on the 70-200 VR I

Rich Rosen wrote:

After more than 10 years of faithful service, My 70-200 Vr is malfunctioning. It starts out ok, but after an indeterminate number of uses in a session, its focusing stops functioning. If we look at the focus scale, it goes to the short end of the scale and refuses to move. If I take it out AF and try to manually focus, it still doesn't move. So I shut the camera off, remove the lens, put it back on and attempt to focus. It still doesn't move. I shut the camera off, remove the battery for a minute or two, power it up again; still doesn't move. Give up for about 10 minutes losing 10 minutes of shooting and try again. It works! I am baffled. Am I doing something wrong? Or should I send it to Nikon for repair?

Well, I sent the lens into Nikon - Melville two weeks ago. Got it back today. They overhauled it, replaced VR unit, , repaired encoder, checked communication, and AF operation. For all that, they charged a "paltry"  $462. Took a few pictures with it. Will give it a real test this weekend. We will see if its worth  the repair cost.

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