Portrait and auto ISO to 1600 test on D5100

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Re: Portrait and auto ISO to 1600 test on D5100

This is what I call a usable photo.  Sure there is noise, but you have to go 100% zoom to see it. Most people rarely print anything bigger than an 8x10, so unless this picture is turning into a poster sized print, it is usable for just about anything else, IMHO.  And I am assuming this is OOC, so if you were really concerned there are noise reducers out there.

A pro photographer once said during a seminar I was at, you can keep your ISO at 100 all the time and get nice shots only in adequate light and get low/no noise (and miss any shots that are approaching dark), or you can do what you have to to get the shot, even if you have to put that ISO up to 6400.  You can get a noisy, picture or none at all.  This case is not as extreme as what he was talking about, but I think you made the right choice on ISO so you would not need a flash.

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