Wide Angle Lens Question - For using with 5D Mark III

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Re: Wide Angle Lens Question - For using with 5D Mark III


My thought process was the same (a zoom is great convenience), but no budget to go for  Canon 16-35mm. I heard that Tokina 16-28 is good, but not sure how good on Canon full frame.

14mm Canon is a great lens, but no budget at this time. May be I try with those RokiBowYang if I see that I am using that focal length, get a better one (Canon zoom or 14mm prime)

Also hearing rumors about 14-24 coming from Canon, but with the recent trends in prices, I am sure it will be out of my budget....


ESfishdoc wrote:

I'm using my 16-35L 2.8 on the 5DMkIII.. a lot.. I really like it. I find a zoom is a great thing to have on the camera for convenience. I probably shoot more at 16mm than any other focal length when using that lens but it is nice to have the variety.

Now.. at 400 dollars the RokiBowYang is a great buy and has a good reputation for being quite sharp. If it breaks.. get another one!

If you know you are shooting wide all the time and want the best Canon prime in an ultra wide... a 14mm 2.8 can be had used for around 1300-1400.

I'm happy with the 16-35L


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