Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: Well I won't bother you all anymore

zigi_S wrote:

He has a right to express his opinion like everyone else. If his opinion bothers you then why do you participate in this thread?

The funny thing is, you would probably agree with him if he would talk about how great m43 and utter rubish other systems are.

To me, all such threads are ridiculous. But it's funny to read fanboys making out of themself an a**.

I don't own, nor do I care about the OMD or 60D. He is entitled to his opinion, and his opinion doesn't bother me in the slightest about either camera. His way of expressing it, however, was poor at best, insincere at worst. I'm merely pointing out that he allowed, perhaps even encouraged, the focus of this topic to be on him, and his possible insincerity, rather than on his opinion. Regardless of the justification people initially had in questioning his sincerity, he allowed it to continue by taking umbrage at that questioning, rather than taking the simple and easy approach of proving them wrong with a shred of evidence to back up what he said. The fact that this topic was the first post he's made with his account, thus nobody has any reason to care about his leaving, merely reinforces the idea that this topic was always about him, and not his opinions.

He has a right to express his opinion, but he did not make any serious effort to express it. That is my objection. He simply made a series of controversial statements with a brand new account and then refused to back any of it up when challenged. This topic was a troll, nothing more. Whether this trolling was intentional or not, I cannot say with certitude.

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