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Re: A55 slightly better at high iso than A57 according to DXO

tbcass wrote:

brian14478 wro

Your best bet by the sound of it is to maybe get an a57 as the new processor and sensor will give better performance at higher iso with more detail kept along with sharpness in the image.

To jump to an a77 seems a bit sudden and an a57 will probably get you by for quite a while.

Maybe try a few different settings for a bit and then decide? Anyway best of luck,..brian

Not true. According to DXO the A55 actually performs slightly better at high iso. (816 vs 785). Please research before you post

At 800 the a57 holds more detail...a bit anyway. At1600 and 3200 quite a bit of resolution is lost with the a55 and raw samples are no better. Sure  there may be less noise,..because your image is starting to be 'eliminated' at high iso.

In many cases alot of 'cross-research' is needed to come to a truer conclusion when considering photography equipment. Sometimes the consensus is off.

I have never seen you 'correct' anyone who says getting an a57 has helped with high iso shooting after comming from an a55

And now you do not have to bother........brian

and i like my a55 btw

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