Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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my take on 2 of those lenses

I know this is going to sound a tad partisan and I try not to be a 'fanboy' but I feel I should give my impressions of the equipment you mention as I have used much of it.

I came from Canon 5DII 1DsIII with all the top glass to Leica and now Olympus EM5. I had the 50mm 1.4 and found it soft and lacking contrast wider than f2 so I went to the 50mm 1.2L which was nice but had focus issues wide open. When I later moved to the Leica M9/50mm 1.4 ASPH combo, that was nirvana, that was wide open the most beautiful look I have ever seen from any 50mm. Not as diffuse as the Canon 1.2 but nicer bokeh and lovelier rendering.

Now, the 25mm PL 1.4 on the EM5 may not have the same depth of field as the full frame combo but it is (for a fraction of the price) in my view the best non full-frame combo available bar none in the fast fifty category. The contrast and sharpness and bokeh is delicious!

Next we have the 45mm 1.8 Oly lens. When I used Canon, I used the excellent 85mm 1.8 (a great used buy) and then the 85mm 1.2 (another great used buy) the 1.8 was a fine lens but again (but not to the same extent as the 50mm 1.4) wider than f2 it was a bit soft and definitely lacking in contrast. The 1.2 was a near perfect lens but bloody heavy! The Oly 45mm has an amazing character for a cheap lens. It is as sharp in practical use as any lens I have ever used (A3 prints) its so sharp at f2 I have to soften things up a bit in PP. at f1.8 it its bokeh is incredibly flavoursome! it has a real character at the right distance from the subject and with the right background chosen.

There was a time when I just wanted the ultimate subject isolation from a lens, so went for these superfast 1.2 on full frame bodies, then I saw the marvel of a good 50mm 1.4 on a full frame and now I absolutely love the character and look of these unique lenses from Panasonic and Olympus

some examples below:

45mm on an EP3 at around f2 or 2.4 I think

Olympus 45mm on EP3 at f1.8

25mm 1.4 wide open

25mm 1.4 wide open

25mm 1.4 wide open

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