How limiting is lack of image stabilization in Pany bodies?

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Any shot where image stabilization is going to be a critical factor in the outcome of the picture is probably well outside your typical experience in photography. I'd even bet I can get the same exact shot without image stabilization, too, with a little creativity. Long shutter times can be compensated for easily, cheaply, if you have a bit of experience and enough motivation.

this statement is ridiculous. i'll bet i can get the exact same shot better with IS as you can without as long as i am a smart photographer and utilize it properly. all things being equal, i will outshoot you.

"exact same shot better" is a ridiculous statement

meaning as in same shot framing wise and FOV wise under the same lighting conditions, with the equipment being the same save for IS.

all the skill in the world wouldn't be able to change the fact that a smart photographer with IS could get multiple stops better exposure than you could. instead of 3200ISO, get the shot at 400ISO. sure you could underexpose and pull out a faster shutter speed let's say, but it wouldn't change the fact that my image would be cleaner, better and exposed properly.

not saying every photographer will be in those situations. but it happens often enough for enough photogs that it does help some out for sure.

Spot on

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