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Re: Is it enough?

Messier Object wrote:

WhyNot wrote:

. . . Spring is close and I'd like to consider a long macro for better working distance than my ZD50 but Sigma has left and Olympus never delivered.

Do you need AF for macro shooting ? I certainly don't. The AF motor is there to get the lens close to where I will finish with MF by adjusting the camera-subject distance using my focus stage | bellows| or if hand-held by rocking back-forward.

Have you tried any of the Zuiko legacy Macros lenses ?

The OM Zuiko 135mm f/4.5 is a great macro lens if you want to extend your working distance.
I even tried it with a cheap 2 x converter, and it was so good I bought a genuine OM 2X-A.

See my recent posts in the Weekly Close-up - all with the OMZ135mm !

Have you tried the 50-200mm with the EX-25 ? Now there is a combo that gives you excellent working distance and terrific IQ. Sure it's big and heavy, but the zoom feature adds a whole lot of flexibility with respect to your working distance

IMO there are several options beyond the 50mm f/2 macro.


I guess most my response is found in my reply to alatchin. In reality my close-up needs are almost completely covered by the 50mm and the 70-300mm, a remarkably versatile lens...My problem with the 100mm macro is probably more irritation that it doesn't currently exist than my not being able to buy it... Yes I find AF very useful in many situations where I can't take the time and/or to put up the tripod to use LV. (MF with macro lenses actually works better for me with the mFT's EVF.) ….... ........However. most of the 30% mentioned in the earlier reply is from AF and use of the E-30 and the 70-300 in low light – such as late in the day and under a tree canopy. Also since I spend a lot of time with small birds I would appreciate better resolution to make cropping a little easier... So a better sensor, better AF, and a lens that responds a little better … mFT doesn't seem to be the answer and all of these features are promised in the next Olympus body only in the speculation found in these forums; and even if it were to materialize it won't be on any shelves this year and is actually promised by Olympus when?

But, as I wrote elsewhere I haven't come up with a final answer to my conundrum (but I'm getting close) and I may still be content with 70% and do nothing. I'm sure that I'm not alone here.

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