Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Is it enough?

Those are very nice pictures..  You certainly don't share my angst..

The 50-200mm seems to be a very nice lens that I've never owned.. All my lenses are Olympus CDAF compliant except for the 50mm. I've used all my lenses on a mFT system for the last 18 months trying to convince myself that it will someday take the place of the FT system.. I've come to the conclusion that for me it is a different system that has it's own strengths and weaknesses and won't replace the FT system completely. I intend to keep the mFT for travel and landscape (not a big part of what I do.) …..... As you can guess I would have spent more with Olympus if they hadn't announced the suspension of developing new lenses for FT, Sigma hadn't left ,and the “End of FT” hadn't started here on these forums all about the time Olympus released the E-5, making it very likely that any purchases would be followed by the hassle of selling those items or having far more paper weights than I need..... I would also say that my current FT system satisfies 70% of my enjoyment of photography if I never acquired another item. So my questions comes down to the Utilitarian conundrum of whether satisfying that other 30% would provide enough enjoyment to warrant the cost in time and money needed to switch to another system. ….. As to doing it now rather than waiting, well I guess we all reach a point where procrastinating further makes no sense.

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