Anyone Miss Their 5D (I, II, or III) after getting an OMD?

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Re: Anyone Miss Their 5D (I, II, or III) after getting an OMD?

Anders W wrote:

So my idea was either to simply mount a TSE lens made for FF, say a 24 mm, on an MFT camera via an ordinary adapter or to use a tilt adapter made for MFT (like the Kipon) along with a standard FF 24/2.8 (available quite inexpensively on ebay). Are you saying this wouldn't work for the reason you mention?

Now this is an idea... combining a tilt adapter AND a TSE lens might allow m43 some extra play over a crop DSLR.  The image circle of m43 is smaller so there is more inherent movement at play, plus there is no mirrorbox getting in the way (though the throat of the lens mount might be the limiter... probably could shift parallel to the tilt axis to realign the lens in front of the opening if that is a problem).  Will have to give this thought... I wonder if anyone else has the 90TSE on hand and said adapter to experiment?

The degree of tilt on the 17 and 24 is never a problem.  I have probably bumped into the limit on a handful of occasions where I have gone way over the top with having a flower dominate the frame and the mountains comparatively diminutive in the background.  A legacy 24 with an adapter should be fine on m43.

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