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The answer is Yes but really no.

The answer is yes it can be done but no you really don't want to do it unless you really know what you are doing and network security. Server in DMZ is risky, you have to know what ports, have firewall, all sorts of stuff

Remote in, also risky.

But lets say to do what is necessary. My network speed is 30mbit download and 5mbit upload. That means if I set this up, the fastest transfer rate will be 5mb which is pretty slow since it probably won't be true 5mb anyway.

What I suggest is webhosting 4.95 per month for this one with unlimited space and bandwidth and it is a good service provider.

Then have pregenerated sites, and Photowebsites that work great. 60 dollars a year is great. It is easy too they have a control panel which installs things for you, you don't have to learn linux, it includes a file manager which looks like windows and allows you to upload multiple files (I recommend getting and learning filezilla to transfer your files off of your computer).  and they have english speaking support. They handle security, backups and all that stuff. It is way worth it.

glasswave wrote:

If I get a network area storage device, can I access it only from within my network area of can I access it from anywhere I have a web connection?

If not, is there a solution, besides cloud based storage that will allow for this?

Finally, if I get an NAS drive will I be able to access it with my iPad and play videos on the nas with the ipad from anywhere I can reach the wireless network?

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