What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: What has happened to Nikon?

I Shotcents,

Your post prompted me to write the post below.

I am very happy with my D3s, amazing camera, but... there are so many buts about Nikon policies and recent product line.

I have shot with Nikon all my life, but I think Nikon is loosing their direction.

I spent a lot of money on Nikon gear: F3, D70, D200, D3, D3x, D3s, and lots of pro lens both DX and FX and all the pro zooms (except 200-400) and pro primes 10 to 180.

I bypassed D4 and D800, D3s still has better IQ and better high ISO then the D4 and D800 not much better IQ then D3x, so no reason to upgrade.

I was tempted by the D4 for it's WIFI ability but why is Nikon asking for US$550 for a WT-5A for the D4 and $55 for a WU-1 for lesser cameras.

I need a small camera, so I bought a V1, terrible ergonomics, with horrible menu system, then comes the V2, better menus and control, but where are the fast lenses.

Then bouht the FT1 adapter, just to find out that it is useless with most lenses, except 70-200 VR2. Only one central focusing point... Nikon you are joking!!!

Is Nikon afraid that the D3 user will buy a V1/V2 instead of a D4? I think they do, but they are wrong and the Nikon 1 line is so bad that Pros are moving to M43 system. Wakeup Nikon

My most desired/needed function on a camera is the ability to transfer photos from camera to computer or tablet without cables during a shoot. But their solutions are crazy expensive for the D4.

Yes I can use a USB cable, but then I have to walk to computer to check the results because my LCD goes black on connecting a USB cable (ridiculous).

Then today I looked at the review of the Canon 6D and to my surprised, WIFI is built inside the camera, something all Nikon reps told me that was not possible.

I thought Nikon was leaving the video market to Canon, to concentrate on making the best photo cameras, but in reality Nikon is only worried about their coolpix cameras.

I am not surprised at all that the financial results are so bad, Nikon is not on track anymore.

I will need a new pro camera this year, so Nikon, please do not force me out of your system and move to Canon to get simple features like WIFI built in or as an addon for $50.

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