How limiting is lack of image stabilization in Pany bodies?

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idiotekniQues wrote:

mrxak wrote:

I guess I'm old school, because all this newfangled stabilization seems fairly superfluous to me. So far my experience has been with Panasonic bodies and I'll leave OIS on if it's available with the lens I'm shooting with, but for lenses without, I don't care one bit. It makes no difference.

When I started with photography, digital wasn't even a thing yet, and when I got some formal training, it was with film. There was certainly no image stabilization involved with any photography I did until I got into M43. Heck, excluding point-and-shoot cameras, M43 is the first time I'm doing color photography.

So, anyway, decisions about shutter speed and such are second nature to me. I've used beanbags before. I've shot on tripods with a mechanical remote shutter release. You know, one of those little pokey-things in a cable. I know how to get pictures without making them all blurry (unless blur is something I want!).

Any shot where image stabilization is going to be a critical factor in the outcome of the picture is probably well outside your typical experience in photography. I'd even bet I can get the same exact shot without image stabilization, too, with a little creativity. Long shutter times can be compensated for easily, cheaply, if you have a bit of experience and enough motivation.

I would also argue that some of the larger Panasonic bodies are more stable, inherently because of their mass, than small light Olympus bodies with IBIS. Any physics teacher could tell you that.

clearly, because something was not widely used in your time that means it can't be integral to doing anything.

im sure people remember a time when seatbelts were not around much either.

IS in a camera is not as important as a seatbelt is but the analogy is the same and could be used with a myriad of inventions.

your logic sucks.

I totally agree with what your saying

The initial poster asked this question.

"However, what troubles me is the lack of IS in the Pany bodies. if I want the advantages of IS (and I am battling to understand why one wouldn't), then am I not excluding the option of using Olympus lenses and many third party lenses which are not stabilized with the Pany body"

I use both Panny and Olympus, my first m4/3 camera was a G2, and coming from an E3 I quickly found Panasonic's way of doing things just sucked, I missed wireless flash and I missed IBIS.

If the poster feels troubled by the lack of IBIS in Panasonic bodies, then Panasonic bodies will not be right for them, end off.

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