Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: "Tons of them for sale on forums"?

retro76 wrote:

daddyo wrote:

You see, it is exaggerated statements like this one that make anyone question your opinions and motives.

Which forums are you speaking of where you see "tons" of E-M5's for sale?

If you prefer your Canon, that is great -- I think the 60D is an excellent camera. You would get a lot more positive response if you had posted this in the Canon forum.

I don't think anyone 'hates' you for expressing your opinion, but it is obvious the it is not shared by many on this forum -- nor does it stand to reason that it would be.

I wish you the best.

God Bless,


Sorry didn't mean to imply that everyone was dumping them. I belong to a number of forums and frequent the sale sections. I notice lot's of people selling them and wonder why that is ?

Olympus has sold a very large number of OMD bodies. There is a also large number of people who continually buy and sell all kinds of camera bodies because they lack the patience to research their original purchases (hmmm...) and then lack the patience (hmmm...) to learn how to use the camera that they didn't do enough research on in the first place.

I am sure that the number of bodies anyone sees for sale for any given model of camera is driven by factors that some people don't consider when looking at raw numbers. Try and think about how many Nikon 4 bodies you are seeing for sale in any number of forums. Nikon doesn't sell anywhere near the number of model "4" bodies that Olympus sells in comparison with "OM-D" bodies. Therefore in that particular comparision, the Oly body will exhibit far greater numbers for sale in the used market than the Nikon 4. You can infer other answers to similar analogies for other camera bodies and how many are "perceived" to be available for sale in the used market.

I think that you may want to try thinking many things trough more carefully before drawing conclusions about a snippet of data here or there or try and find actual empirical data from which to try and conjecture about why a given camera body is being bought or sold in the marketplace.

As other forum members have said, I too wish you well in your search for a camera system that best meets your desires. Perhaps that 60D will continue to help you feel better about what you appreciate in your photographic endeavors.


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