Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

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Re: Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

Apple is a lot like the Porche, well engineered and great to look at and fast but with limited utility.

Limited utility? You do know that with Parallels or Bootcamp, you can run just about every Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linix software on the planet, right?

Migrating from Adobe products from the Mac to the PC or vice versa is like visiting a lower level of Dante's hell. Hard to believe anyone could come up with such a stupid process. I had to fax (that's right fax) a form into Adobe that was routed to India.

It's not like that anymore. You can install and run most Adobe software on two computers (though you can't have it running at the same time). And if you actually need to transfer a license, you just go to Help > Deactivate and follow the steps.

My quad workstation with its Intel Xenon CPU's is no longer supported by Apple so in the near future it will be retired and I will be 100% Windows again.

You bought your Mac at least over 5 years ago. It can run OS X Lion. That's only one version behind the current. And Apple still provides security updates for it. And if you really wanted to run Mountain Lion, it's not that hard (lots of people do).

Apple has a proud history of shortchanging its customers, as with the Apple, Apple II, Lisa, Mac, Intel computers which were not backward compatible, its Apple Talk that only ran at 250k,

I remember using Appletalk in my dorm to play multiplayer games. NONE of my PC friends could figure out how to create a network like the Mac guys did. Appletalk was a great protocol for it's day and made networking very cheap. Years later when Ethernet was more popular Appletalk began to show its age, but was still very easy to use.

the original Mac (which I owned) and did not have a fan to keep the hard drive from dying,

The original Mac did not have a hard drive.

the iPod that recently was changed with its pin connection, the moves from FireWire to Thunderbolt. Great for its employees and shareholders that the business is now one of selling tablets and phones and music downloads and does not rely on sales of personal computers.

Sorry, but that's BS. The iPod doc connector was 10 YEARS OLD! And the only way to make the iPod/iPhone thinner was to make the connector thinner. And Firewire to Thunderbolt? Really? Were you this upset with the PC move from serial and parallel ports to USB?

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