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I shoot Canon, but I think this is some very good advice whichever brand you choose.

Rich Rosen wrote:

crazystart wrote:

Let's say photography(mostly landscape and portrait) is your hobby and you had $5k to start building your gear with a full frame camera.

What camera, lenses and accessories would you buy?

With $ 5000 , you can get a lot of equipment. Are you an experienced photographer? Assuming you are, a high level camera would be the answer, with a portrait lens (85 1.8), a medium zoom lens, a wide angle and a telephoto zoom, would be the basis of your system. You will need flash(s), a tripod, and possibly a lighting system to round your needs.

An example:

  1. Camera - Nikon D600 with 24-85 VR kit lens. $2500
  2. Telephoto - Nikon 70-200 f4. $1400
  3. Portrait- 85mm 1.8 G. $500
  4. Manfrotto tripod and head. $240.
  5. Flash - Nikon SB700. $327

Total: $4967.

I am a Nikon user. I know that system the best, which is the reason I use that brand as an example. However Canon, Sony, and Pentax all have similar components within that price range. All of them are good systems. If you wanted to have that wide angle, you substitute the 70-200 for the 70-300, which is $800 less because it is a variable zoom. Then you could add the new 18-35 variable zoom for about 700. The D600 is a full frame (FX) camera. If you wanted to go with a croppedsensor (DX), you could save about $1300 with a D7000, and get better lenses, or tripod, or more flash. Oh, don't forget the flash memory cards, camera case, and batteries.

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