Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: Well I won't bother you all anymore

retro76 wrote:

Well,I shielded all the complaints and arguments I could. I wont bother you all anymore. Jesus it's crazy around here, I remember when things were at little calmer. I mean it's a camera people, I don't want to f**k it, just discuss it.

When somebody is repeatedly asked for proof to defend their claims, and yet the person being asked refuses over and over for no apparent reason, they lose all credibility. If your claims were true, it would have been a simple matter to back them up, proving everyone wrong. You could have done this at any time, and you should have done so upon the first accusation of trolling. That would have nipped it in the bud, and resulted in an actual conversation.

You are responsible for the massive threads of people questioning your legitimacy here. You may very well be legitimate, but when that legitimacy is questioned you have a duty to defend it quickly, rather than letting it drag on and on and on.

Having failed to defend your claims with any evidence whatsoever, it's perfectly clear you are a troll whether you wanted to be one or not. I'm pretty sure you wanted to be one, though, simply because you could have stopped being one immediately if you chose to. All you had to do was post some images. If your goal was an actual conversation, you could have approached this topic with a completely different attitude, attempted to back up your claims (successfully or not), and certainly there was no need for you to resort to insults.

To think of it in different terms, you allowed yourself to become the story, instead of your ideas. That's what a troll wants, to be the center of attention. A person with legitimate complaints wants to focus things on the matter at hand so their complaints are heard. From the beginning, you demonstrated you had no interest in keeping the focus on your complaints about the OMD. To keep that focus would have been trivial. Instead, you allowed things to continue focused on you.

Not that we should be surprised. People who are unknown in a community with no apparent contributions suddenly standing up and declaring that they're leaving are usually not particularly humble. The entire premise of your topic betrays your goal for personal attention.

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