Cheap legacy wide angle/fisheye lenses?

Started Feb 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
cptrios Senior Member • Posts: 1,352
Re: Cheap legacy wide angle/fisheye lenses?

It also really depends on what "cheap" means. For a lot of people, in the grand scheme of photography equipment, anything under $500 is "cheap." But then there are the actual cheap lenses like any number of the $50 MF nifty fifties out there.

There is that Zenitar-M m42 fisheye that goes for $150-200...but really it'd be worth just spending a bit more for the Samyang 8mm.

Someone already mentioned the SEL16...and while it's far from a great piece of glass, it's still the best WA option you'll get for NEX at that price level, legacy or otherwise. Though if you don't mind going a bit less wide, the Sigma 19 is loads better.

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