As a huge Panasonic fan, I am quite disheartened by this interview:

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Re: As a huge Panasonic fan, I am quite disheartened by this interview:


Sadly I think you're right. Unless companies like Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Ricoh and enter any other name here start transforming fast and adapting then they will go out of business. You may see some more mergers, but again if they still refuse to change those newly merged companies will also go the same way.

The big threat is definitely from the likes of Apple and Google. The iPhone I believe is the number one used camera in the world, and its a phone! (albeit smart one!)

We have seen traditional industries that took advantage of consumers by offering supposedly better products they could manufacturer cheaper, that were in actually fact sold at a much more expensive price, fall by the wayside. The big example here is the music industry and what happened with the jump from Vinyl and Cassette tape to CD's and how MP3's and digital formats just took over. The music industry reaped what it sowed in the end and the winner was the end consumer, unfortunately not always the bands and musicians, and definietly not the music industry.

We have seen Apple come back from oblivion making products people wanted to buy, and most importantly met their expectations, were easy to use, well made, and gave consumers what they wanted instantly and on demand.

So after seeing music industry completely transformed, traditional landline phones go in place of smart phones, the big industry that is in for an absolute hammering next, and we have already started to see the beginning of its demise is the entertainment industry. Apple and Google will not be content with you having their smartphone in the palm of your hand, or tablet computer in place of desktop, they now also want your TV! Absolutely everything is going online now including film and television and that will mean the end of Cable, Air and Satellite.

I think we will also see, in fact are already seeing traditional camera manufaturers taken to the abattoirs. People are using their smartphones as their cameras and are not forking out the amount of money they used to on a regular camera, instead they are using smartphone and instagram etc to do it.

If the big cameras makers don't quickly wise up and adapt to these rapidly changing circumstances they are all doomed. They need to make cameras that give consumers what they want. Cameras that do things instantly and have online capabilities. I have seen some pretty advanced cameras on smartphones, and some with pretty big sensors too. A lot bigger than you find on many Advanced Compacts. By the same token though, a lot of Smartphone cameras especially the more popular ones, but without naming names or dropping hints like New York City's nickname, are not as well speced or that good compared to dedicated cameras, but people are using them because they allow them to just carry around one device that does everything, and that can instantly share photos online in this information as well as instant and mass communication age.

They have got to change for sure. They need to get more connected, better, and they need to at the same time keep costs low if they wish to compete and stay in buiness especially in these economically difficult times. And that is a tall order with the likes of Apple and Google bearing down on them. Samsung is one company that is kind of joining the dots and getting its cameras into online as well. They have a head start because they already have popular smartphones with Googles Android platform.

We are going to see more and more traditional industries completely transformed and companies that have been around for a long time go out of business unless they rapidly and constantly change to meet consumer demands and needs.

Panasonic are very much treading water and it is a dangerous time for them as well as others with the way the world econony is at the moment.

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