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Revenge of the veggieburgers

rattymouse wrote: we could not negotiate a vegetarian meal at any non English speaking place that we tried...

Even down here on the English south coast, in English-speaking England, a vegetarian is frequently greeted in catering establishments with 'Do you eat chicken?' followed by 'But you eat fish, don't you?'. It's not uncommon to be corrected quite forcibly that 'vegetarians eat fish!'. I just want a quiet life and to have something on the menu without slaughtered animals in it, but - outside the niched healthfood boho culture - it's sometimes depressing how confrontationally doctrinaire my stance is viewed.

As it happens, while you're in Japan, Europe is engulfed in a huge meat-eating scandal as criminally mis-labelled horse-flesh is turning up in just about every down-market beef readymeal that's been tested. The suspect stock is being stripped from the shelves everywhere and it suddenly seems like nothing destined for the microwave can be trusted any more.

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