Olympus 40-150 for photographing people

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Re: Thanks, I ordered one, too bad no lens hood

sigala1 wrote:

gollywop wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

gollywop wrote:

At $99 this is a no-brainer. It is available from the Olympus site here with free 2-day shipping up till February 11.

Yeah, it is a no-brainer, even though I don't care for zoom lenses, still, that's cheap.

Too bad it doesn't include a lens hood. Have you noticed any flare issues using it without a lens hood?

You can get a perfectly good hood here from Amazon for $14. As to flare, I don't know; I just ordered the lens too. I couldn't pass that deal up. I also ordered the hood from Amazon.

Last time I bought clone lens hood, it didn't fit. Even though you wouldn't think it's so difficult to manufacture a piece of plastic.

And btw, I meant I don't care for telephoto lenses, not zoom lenses. But for $99, in case I want a telephoto lens, it made sense to buy.

So I got the lens, it feels pretty cheap, the zoom ring is very sticky and unsmooth. I don't think I'm going to use it very much. But if it produces good images, and I think it should be pretty sharp based on online reviews, then it was worth $99 just in case I ever need it.

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