Qimage for Printing vs LR4

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Re: Qimage for Printing vs LR4

CaptnWil wrote:

You'll hear a lot from people who have an ax to grind. A while ago, I did a print test with a Canon Pro9000 II using LR 3.6 print module, Qimage Ultimate and Costco with their profiles.

I had several people observe the results. They and rated the results as 1. LR 3.6, 2. Costco. 3. Qimage.

The results were so similar that it took some time for each observer to make a choice. No one was unhappy with any result. In each case, you must acquire some skill in using the respective software.

I made the mistake of reporting the results on the Qimage forum. I got fried and will not ever make any response on that forum -- ever. They are rabid.

God Luck1


No Ax to grind. I like QI because of certain tools it provides. Out put can be made to match anything else I have used so it's not about wether one "Prints" better than the other.

I do a lot of print jobs and the ability for me to able to same a Job ( any job ) so I can recall it 6 month later to inlcude the images used and ALL of it's settings including destination printer in a matter of a second is the main reason to use QI

If you print sporadically and don't ever need to reprint a job then anything else will work jsut fine.

I once did a demo video where I printer the same image to the same printer, Paper with the same ICC profile via PS, LR, QI, Corel and no one could detect any difference between any of the 4 prints. Asuming you are not applying any extra sharpening through on of the apps and not the other.

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