Are Nikon production lines being sabotaged? (RE: impact damge)

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AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

abcdefghijklmnop wrote:

There was an individual making a similar compliant about Nikon and false impact damage on here sometime back. One of the photos he supplied of his impact free lens showed the plate where the lens foot mounted twisted badly. But he was very adamant that he never abused the lens.

When it comes to the Internet, I take very little as fact.

This is exactly my thoughts as well.

I have seen every product imaginable, camera or not, advertised as "mint" "never abused" "never dropped" or whatever you want to call it with clear and obvious damage from exactly the opposite. Everyone has different perceptions of how to care for their gear, what constitutes a "bump" or a "drop", etc. etc.

How many times have you gone to look at a used item for sale (of anything) and it not turned out to be in nearly the condition advertised by the seller? I can't even keep track anymore.

It is not hard to believe at all that some people actually do have impact damage, when they think they don't. The grey area in this case is that the impact damage can cause the same issues experienced by some brand new cameras, but not for one second do I believe everyone who got the "impact damage" story has babied their cameras. It could have even happened during shipping - look how many people purchased from Amazon or B&H - their packaging is often extremely poor, and it's not hard to believe that the odd one gets dropped or whatever. Not that that's the user's fault, but I definitely believe some cameras have impact damage, even when the user thinks it doesn't for whatever reason.

especially when the cameras are shipped a few times...... there are so many cameras that are taken

back with refund because the people just read something on the internet and in panic start

to do some irrational things.......

those cameras finally find an endcustomer......

No it must not always be Nikons fault !


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