Quality low-cost TTL radio trigger (Canon) available currently worth buying these days?

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Re: Quality low-cost TTL radio trigger (Canon) available currently worth buying these days?

A heck, I though everybody knew what my handle meant!

It's a long and convoluted story - I should REALLY have used my name when I registered here - I don't know what I was thinking. Too many years of anonymity on the interwebz. But, you combine steampunk, a cartoon about hillbilly squids , a particular Robyn Hitchcock song and my love of riding sport Triumph Motorcycles. Make sense? I sure hope not. Because I don't fit the age/idiot category for the last one.

So, you all figured out Paul C. Bluff's goodies. Only thing I'd add to it is that Einsteins seem to be a more flexible unit, and the CyberSync technology is getting a bit long in the tooth.

When I look at the cost of speedlites vs. a good monolight though I think about getting some. Battery powered ones that is. I don't have a studio - but if I did I think this is a no brainer. Quite often when I do interior shoots I need to have something light up adjacent rooms - and these would make sense since I'd think I could plug them in someplace.

You know, a set of 622's is so cheap it's really not like you're investing in a system. I'd almost say go that route and see what the future holds. I just posted a link on the new YN-560 III having a receiver built in for the 602-603 series triggers. I would assume they were working on this for several months - so a 622 compatible flash (a YN-565ex II perhaps?) should be in the offing in the near future.

After you posted that link on the Dazzne, I saw that they too have a compatible flash to go with the system. There's going to be a lot of interesting new technology coming out in the next few months - and I'd like to see where it's all going to lead. I would hate to invest in a set of Phottix Odins and then decide I wished I had waited for another brand. Everybody looks like they're getting in the game. I'm just hoping some sort of "standard" starts to get settled on - perhaps allowing a mix-n-match of brands.

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