6D vs D600 Astrophotography

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Re: 6D vs D600 Astrophotography

You would use perhaps ISO800-1600 for tracked telescope astrophotography true. But you use high ISO all the time for nightscapes where ISO3200 used to be the norm and is now ISO6400 with next gen cameras. Usually there is no tracking mount and a tripod is used with a 14mm widefield lens and 30 second exposures. Often done as a panorama/mosaic. In those types of shots high ISO performance is everything.

In this regard I think the 2 cameras would be close and its hard to say definitively as there are not many 6D images around. I think 6D would be better than 5D3 in this use due to its lower read noise, better jpeg noise control. In RAW I think it still has a slight advantage. It won't be massive buts its there.

Weight difference is miniscule and won't make any difference to a mount. Weight difference has to be several pounds before its an issue with a reasonable telescope focuser and mount a few grams is nothing.


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