Epson Workforce 7010 printer for fine art printing?

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Re: Epson Workforce 7010 printer for fine art printing?

T. Steele wrote:

I have an old Epson 2200 that's, well, old. Still works hard but I'm looking for something new. Ross Hardie at Inkjetcarts suggested a R2000, but he also said the Epson Workforce 7010 would probably work well for me, and be even more economical. I dont print out photography, but rather mainly 6x8 prints of my artwork (bright, colorful paintings without a lot of detail). I sell in local markets as well as the net. I liked the 7010 having only 4 carts compared to 8 for the R2000, and I like the initial price (1/4 as much).

So my question is, has anyone here used the 7010 and were you impressed with it's printing quality? Ross makes pigmented ink for it so the longevity part is covered, but I wonder about the overall print quality. I am a 4 hour round trip to the nearest store with a 7010, so I really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you!

Fine Art printing? On a 4 color printer? I would never buy one of those prints. These printers are not designed for fine art printing be it Images of actual Art work. They are targeted for office work, not photography or fine art. Their color gamut is much smaller than that of a true photo printer with 8 or more colors. The R2000 R3000 or R3880 is three I would reccomend.

Now for your office documents and printing emails, I would happily use the WF 7010.

Sorry but if you want to print fine ART you can not take the cheap route.


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