Decisions, decisions... new camera.....?

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Decisions, decisions... new camera.....?

I'm still procrastinating on whether to sell my LX5 and get and LX7, or, to instead get a used Sigma DP1/DP2, or, to go to a used Pentax K-7/K-5.

I love the Lumix LX range, have had the LX3 prior to the LX5. It's a very versatile advanced compact, that is very user friendly. The LX7 is a further improvement with aperature ring, faster glass and full hd video capability. The downside? Sensor not gotten any bigger. Faster glass compensates somewhat for that but I'm in two minds. Low light performance not as good as competitors? Panasonic seem to be treading water while rivals catching up and surpassing them e.g. Sony with the RX100. The only thing that lets the Sony down is the useability. It is not as refined yet, and would probably be very frustrating for me to use. Not that the RX100 would be an option for me given its price tag!

Sigma, always been a big fan of them. You get that amazing Foveon looking image from that huge sensor. Very much a niche stills camera for the dedicated. Better at certain types of photography than others. Lack of good video support is a minus for me because I do use that a fair bit on my LX5. Also these Sigmas because of the Foveon sensor is not as good in lower light. Sigma's command a very high price even used. Despite all of that, the results they produce for the areas they excel in, pretty much blow away anything else right out of the water. Incredible. A lot of the photos I have seen taken with different Sigmas often surpass those I see from high end Canon and Nikon dSLR's.

Lastly, the Pentax K-7/K-5. I've long been a huge fan of Pentax and as far as dSLRs they are really the only ones I have been considering. Even though companies like Canon and Nikon may have something to market with full frame, what I see from the K-5 etc and Pentax prime lens is pretty mind blowing. I still have a small 35mm compact Espio film camera that was really one of my first cameras that got me into photography, and that was a small but good little camera which even came with a ir remote control. I have been keeping an eye out on prices of used Pentax K-7 and K-5 bodies and also looking at one of two different lens from Pentax and Sigma. I unfortunately don't think I would be able to afford some of the better Primes e.g. the FA31 and 43 and would even maybe have to make do with something like the SMC-M 50mm 1.9, not that this would be a bad thing if I did pony up for a Pentax dSLR.

Those are really the three options I've been considering so far, aside from procrastinating and just keeping the LX5. I'd love it if the likes of Ricoh had something serious on the table for me to also consider but they seem to have fallen behind in recent times.

Which route would you take if it were you?

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