Nex-5N vs OM-D, D300 user

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Re: Nex-5N vs OM-D, D300 user

slimandy wrote:

tt321 wrote:

slimandy wrote:

revstat wrote:

portrait in studio (probably still use D300) and sports action (tennis, vball).

For your purposes I'd suggest sticking with the D300. I just sold mine and bought an OMD but I still have a Nikon D700. For sports action the OMD (and presumably any MFT camera) won't match your DSLR. My OMD has an electronic viewfinder, not as nice with moving subjects as the one on my Nikon DSLR's. The focussing will be quicker with your Nikon, particularly with a 70~200 f2.8, and it will track focus much better.
I bought the OMD for when I want to travel light and because it is much, much easier to carry multiple lenses, but specifically for the tasks you mentioned I would keep the DSLR.

The OP is keeping the D300.

Sorry, of course he is, but if he is only asking how it would cope with the tasks he mentioned I would keep just the DSLR and not get MFT as well.

Apparently the smaller sensor cameras he is investigating have better high ISO performance than the D300, which is one of his points.

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