Moving up from SLT-A55

Started Feb 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
Chimere Senior Member • Posts: 1,579
Moving up from an A55 probably is not the solution

You appear to be too short in this business to think that good equipment like the A55 is the limit for your art. Posting one picture only does not much to substantiate your suggestion. The problem might be thaat you have not good enough lenses.

I would suggest for you think instead where you want to apply yourself in photography, and to invest into a well composed selection of lenses which will help you to go forward on that road.

Upgrading right now, just before the next set of upgrades (A59, A67 ?) is around the corner, might not be a good idea. The A57 would be choice if you can not wait. But, perhaps put your money on lenses instead ...

Most of all: keep shooting, keep posting, do not play around too much with PP. Consider that most good photographies excell in CQ (composition quality) and not IQ.


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