X-E1 Non-Fuji lenses...what's available?

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Re: X-E1 Non-Fuji lenses...what's available?


Don't forget that one of the great things about mirror-less + adapters is that you can either use lenses you already have and like, or you can go completely the other way and forget brand allegiances entirely.  Every brand has its lens design success stories (and failures).  You're no longer tied to any brand.  You can pick the very best out of all of them! And you can find lenses that Fuji doesn't offer.  eg At the moment there's no lens longer than 60mm at all.  There's a 50-200/f4-5.6 coming, but it has been designed with a small aperture to keep the system compact.  I suspect that many users will be looking for legacy 85/f2s and 100mm/f2.8s

Just read in every forum and check lens testing sites like Photozone - you'll soon get to know the lenses that are revered for their performance.  Yes MF may be slower, but that may not matter in every situation.  Modern photographers tend to forget that every great (and not so great) photograph up until the invention of AF was taken with MF.  Even sports and wildlife.  Funnily enough it works.

Cheers, Rod

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