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WaltKnapp wrote:

triton kev wrote:

can i ask a dumb question what is the difference between dslr and slt


These distinguish a difference in the viewfinder you look through not other functions.

Note in addition to the partial explanations given that by viewing entirely optically a dslr will give you a realtime view (the speed of light through the system is so fast it's for all practical purposes instantaneous) The view of a moving subject in the OVF is located in the frame where the subject currently is. The lighting is realtime if it happens to be changing too.

With a SLT you have a delay before you view the scene. The light from the lens has to get to the sensor, the sensor converts the light to a electronic signal ( it takes a picture ). Then the processor in the camera applies all the settings in the camera to produce image data that will "look like" the photo after you take it. (it's only partially successful at this) Then that electronic data has to be transmitted to the display EVF and converted from electrons to light by the display so you can see the view. All of that is much less instantaneous than the optical system so moving subjects are not located in the view where they actually are but where they were, ie you are looking at history of the view. For static subjects that's not important, but the faster the subject is moving the more your view is off and judging your composition is much more difficult. For fast enough subjects they may be clear outside the frame while the EVF is showing them in the frame where you want them.

This place gets worse by the day speed of light 186,000 miles a second, the speed that the picture information processed and the distance that the electrical signals have to pass through the electronics of the camera make your point total BS!

Electrical signals can go between 40-70%+ the speed of light if you a photographing a fast moving object across your field of view you will most likely be panning the camera how GOOD you are at that will have a greater effect on your picture.

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