rancor/discord seems less in this forum ?

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Re: rancor/discord seems less in this forum ?

This forum is different then it was 2 years ago when I first srarted cooming on.  It was like the wild west.  The amount of trolls was crazzy.  It was a lot more entertaining because you never knew what would be said next.  I guess M4/3 is now all grown up.

Dr_Jon wrote:

You're kidding... I come back here as there is some useful info from time-to-time, but this is without doubt the nastiest forum I hang out in... try posting some pics with shallow DoF and see what happens... (not that I have, but seen others looking for helpful comments get nuked...) or suggesting m43 isn't the one true perfect camera format...

But for those helpful and kind souls that hang out here I have all the time in the World...

(Tho maybe I just hang out in really super-nice places the rest of the time.)

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