Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

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Re: Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

Ariston wrote:

of course we want it to work. I prefer working my files on Adobe softwares, but I do blame Adobe for this because their programmers can't even figure out how to solve the Fuji files or got lazy. I let Fuji off the hook since Silky and C1 are able to solve it. it's not like RAF files were really that difficult to process. stupid lazy Adobe.

If it's laziness, it's calculated laziness. Adobe has something like 80% of the high-end photo editing/organization market. Fuji has, what, 1% of the CSC market? 2%? I don't think that the business lost to Adobe is worth the man-hours they'd need to put in to make it work.

Phase One, however, has a much smaller customer base and the prospect of selling a few extra thousand copies of their software and becoming the unofficial processor of an entire camera brand is much more appealing for them. And anyway...C1 ´╗┐still´╗┐ doesn't have X-Trans down. It merely does a better job than Adobe.

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