Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Ben Herrmann
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This never fails to amaze me - why do some folks feel...

...compelled to have to post something on line, announcing to the world that they are leaving a particular brand behind - in other words, a formal goodbye?  I see this from time-to-time on all of the forums (representing all brands).  You wonder why they feel the need to do this - whether they rationalize this as expressing an opinion or not.

Do the OP's expect that perhaps, someone will magically talk them out of their decision (because deep down inside they don't really want to discard the equipment)?  Or, is it some fleeting, last minute inkling to "smack" the brand they're leaving with some mildly disparaging remarks about performance levels, color, etc?  Gosh, who knows...

What is interesting to note (and it occurs in all of these scenarios) is that when some forum members wind up responding with perhaps less than flattering remarks, the OP's gets offended.  Well, what in the hell did you expect?  That just maybe someone will talk you out of it, orrrrrr - or, on the other side of the spectrum, to maybe, stir up the irk of some of the readers who may disagree with your performance analysis?

Ya gotta love this.  I'm gonna sit back with a glass of wine and just watch this one proceed to its logical conclusion.  Let's see now, what will it be - a nice Pinot Noir or a refreshing Malbec?

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Have a great one....
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