Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: Doubt it

growers wrote:

texinwien wrote:

growers wrote:

texinwien wrote:

Had the poster said, for instance, "I think the 60D has better dynamic range," his statement would have been clearly his opinion. As it is, he made a statement of fact that is incorrect.

There's is no such thing as a statement of fact on an internet forum!

Your statement is interesting. Either it is a statement of fact, in which case it contradicts itself. Or else it's not a statement of fact, in which case it's just your opinion, one with which I disagree.

It's an opinion of course, I'm not some kind of overarching oracle or font of all knowledge!

I think it's an opinion that you don't actually hold. I'm quite certain you understand that there are statements of falsifiable fact that are made in Internet forums.

And if it is, indeed, an opinion that you do hold, it's one with which I disagree. I would prefer to speak with people who do make statements of fact and who do make it clear when they're making a statement of fact and when they're making one of opinion.

IMO it's not much work to write 'IMO' in order to make it clear that you're stating an opinion. I do it regularly, as a matter of fact, because I prefer clear communication as well as communication that is a mix of statements of fact and opinion.


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