Burning archive without RAW files

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Re: Burning archive without RAW files

kelpdiver wrote:

Julian M wrote:

(The reason why I cannot do this manually by creating another tree is that the target directory has over 80,000 photos in it, of which 45% are RAW and are not needed for long term archive as they are already processed if needed). I would like to also store them but 500GB to optical media is too much.

80,000 files is nothing difficult with the right shell (or just rsync with the --exclude "*.CR2" option), but burn software that can filter them out is an easier course.

But just because they're already processed doesn't mean you don't need/want those RAWs anymore. RAW converters continue to evolve. When LR4 came out, many talked about reprocessing their already done stuff and liking the improvements in color and NR.

Hi Kelpdiver, I completely agree with you, but this is a second BU. Only way to BU 550GB is to use HDD's, but these are not 95% reliable. I will be happy with this backup of the essentials for worst case onto optical.

I checked out the above software and it does the job as well as I could wish (and simpler/cheaper than Nero). I get by with 6 BD for all my jpg's.

Thanks. Julian

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