Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: My Canon vs Olympus E-M5 experience is the opposite.

Paul De Bra wrote:

Granted, I'm coming from the lowly 450D, not the newer 60D. But your experience seems to contradict what reviews say. The dynamic range of Canon is not so good: shadow noise has been demonstrated to be not so good as with Nikon and Sony, so the Canon sensor is actually not the best.

I noticed an increase in dynamic range going from the 450D to E-M5. I also noticed that white balance needs less tweaking on the E-M5 RAW files than with the 450D. Especially in Tungsten lighting Canon is known for producing images that are too warm.

Nothing against the Canon gear, but in the balance between larger and heavier Canon gear versus smaller and lighter Olympus gear with similar image quality my choice went to smaller and lighter. If you think the 60D and its lenses are not too large and heavy then sure, keep the large and heavy stuff. Many people on the m43 forum will disagree with your choice. Many people here came to m43 to reduce the size and weight of their setup.

I always hear the lugging around equipment argument, but truth be told the EM5 does not fit in my pocket. Yes, it's smaller and lighter than my 60D, but for all practical purposes when carrying it around it's still take up space, it's still gets in the way and it still requires a bag if I am carrying other lenses. It's not like my iPhone which can simply be tucked out of the way.

Weight was never a consideration when looking at the OM-D, I have kids carrying around a camera is absolutely nothing to me.  Plus I am 36 year old guy, if I can't handle carrying around a few pounds for an afternoon, I might need see a doctor LOL.

I have always liked Olympus and I liked the retro design, that was my interest in the body.

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