Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

With the exception of DoF, my experience with Canon vs OM-D doesn't match yours.  Now, before I go further, I've been comparing the OM-D with a 5D Mk2, but I think that things like white balance are quite similar between Canon's products.

I find that the white balance of the OM-D is fantastic compared to the Canon, especially in artificial light.  I'm forever correcting Canon's WB when I shoot indoors whereas the OM-D nails it.

I shoot RAW and have not had a blown-out highlight issue.  However, I use the tools built into the OM-D to make sure of that.  With the live histogram and the ability to color blown-out areas orange - before you push the shutter - there's really no excuse for having important features blown out.  I've never shot the OM-D in any automatic mode - I use A, so I can't comment on the auto settings.

The dynamic range of the OM-D matches that of my 5D MK2, so it should actually be better than your 60D.  I've posted daylight and low light comparisons of the OM-D vs 5D Mk2 on this forum and, the OM-D has compared very favorably in both - up to ISO3200, beyond which the FF sensor gives the Canon an advantage.  But, as far as color accuracy, resolution, dynamic range, etc.  the OM-D holds up really well.

I have a suggestion for you, before you sell your OM-D:  Check the web site of professional photographer Ming Thein and look at the portraits he's made using an OM-D.  Also, DPR published an excellent article on setting up the OM-D and, if you haven't read it, you should.  Especially the section on making use of the highlight & shadow live display.  If after setting up your camera per their instructions, and shooting RAW, you still have the same problems, then you may have a defective sample and you should have it checked.

I'm also a professional photographer and I've started using the OM-D for any time I have to carry equipment around.  The Canon equipment is simply too heavy to carry around all day and I find that I'm not giving up any meaningful IQ - except in very dark conditions.  This is by comparison to a 5D Mk2.  The results vs a 60D should shift in favor of the OM-D.

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