Back from the Maldives with my OM-D ( some photos )

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Re: Back from the Maldives with my OM-D ( some photos )

Wow! I love these photos! The silhouette of the group of people on the walkway is so interesting because of the different forms their clothes make, like the hats and the flaring skirt and the the pony trail of the girl in front. Plus the space between the 2 groups gives the eye a chance to really see the individuals, and then the separation between the groups, mostly men in the back, women in the front, really tells a story and makes me think about what these people may have done this day, where they are going now.

And the sunset with the cottages and the lone figure in the water? That photo is simply breathtaking. It makes me want to look at it and sort of soak up the beauty. All of these photos cause me to remember a trip to Bora Bora my husband and I took a few years ago. And for a few moments, I am transported.

I also like seeing them because they were made with the same camera I have. But I'm sure you would've created beautiful photos from any camera. It's really true that the camera is just a tool with which to communicate.

Thanks for sharing,


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