Should my images be sharp at 100%? What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Should my images be sharp at 100%? What am I doing wrong?

Watch your goals.  If your goal is to sell to a stock agency, yes you're going to have to be sharp at 100%, focused everywhere, cropped just so and, for your troubles, you'll get a quarter.

The stock agencies can get away with this because there are thousands of reasonably competent photographers dying to make a quarter.  Sad times.

Remember, the goal for the stock agency is to give an artistic director or editor some image to work with so they can manipulate it further and adjust the image to fit their needs.  You, on the other hand, can be your own artistic director and can work with the image that you have to create a vision that you like.  So don't lose sight of the 'big picture' here.

And do remember the birder's axiom:  You always want 200 mm more than you have.  If I were you, I'd keep working with your gear (lose the TC though), and work on getting closer.  That's more fun and quite a bit less expensive than that 400 2.8 that you are lusting after.  At least I get more emotional charge from understanding the little bit of the natural world that I'm photographing and trying to get as closely involved in it as is safe, ethical and feasible.

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