What is too many clicks for a canon 7d if looking to buy it used?

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Re: What is too many clicks for a canon 7d if looking to buy it used?

Bajerunner wrote:

Just cant imagine having a semi-pro camera for over a year and under 10,000 clicks.

And that is just shooting weekends and holidays.

500 shots would be a major shoot.  If I were at a good zoo/safari or an air show, I might go 1000, but if the subject were people, it would be less than 100.  10k is 20 major shoots, or 2 a month.  The point of a camera is not to feed the beast, but to capture moments of interest.  Personally, I'm at least 2 years behind on post processing.  I'm much better at the first half (taking the shot) then the second.

In the film era, few non pro's would come remotely close to this 10k mark in a year.  That's 300 rolls of film.

As a result, the shutter is not likely the concern for most of the used bodies out there.  It's more about how they handled it for each of their 10-100 shot shoots.  And there's plenty of inventory to pick from.

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