Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: Doubt it

retro76 wrote:

texinwien wrote:

retro76 wrote:

My knowledge level is more than sufficient, so the problem isn't me, but of course my view on IQ is purely subjective. My experience may be abnormal, but then again on it might depend on what system you are coming from.

So you claim. It's interesting that someone whose knowledge is sufficient is also unable to master the OMD to the point that his/her experience is in direct contradiction with most reviews, tests and user reports.

So yeah, color me skeptical. Sounds like user error / inability to me.


Look, I am glad you love your camera, but there is no need to be defensive. As far as reviews, tests, and user experiences go the only thing that truly matters is my experience with the camera. While I enjoy reading reviews/tests I take them with a grain of salt like everything else. And as far as what others think ? Well a majority of the country loves Honey Boo Boo and Jersey Shore (among other things LOL) so I will happily stand in the minority when it comes to having a difference of opinion.

I do enjoy reading the experiences of others and I did post this as I was wondering if anyone else had second thoughts who own both an SLR and the OM-D. Hech I guess there is this part of me which really desires to keep this camera as my heart says yes, but my head says no. Oh well....

Look, I don't care what camera you use, but your claim that the 60D has higher DR than the OMD is simply bunk. It's not a question of opinion. It's a question of fact, and the fact is that you're wrong here.

If you like your 60D better than the OMD, that's fine. If you prefer the ergonomics, that's cool - it's totally subjective. If you prefer the colors, that's cool - it's totally subjective.

But you go beyond the subjective and, totally anonymous internet poster that you are, mind you, you make a statement of fact that flies directly in the face of not only my experience, but also in the faces of the many users, testers and reviewers who've come to the exact opposite conclusion.

Perhaps you should reevaluate your 'sufficient knowledge' if everyone else, professional reviewers and tests, included, are getting results that don't match yours.

Or, you know, delude yourself into thinking you know better than all of those people


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