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Re: underwater photography - it becomes cheaper and safer if...

KariP wrote:

Watertight boxes+gear for 50D is an expensive investment.

The IQ is almost the same and the budget much smaller if you buy a camera like Canon 1GX + specific small Canon-housing for it. And then you have two good cameras... And the catastrophe is smaller if the housing leaks...imagine a wet body + lens immersed in saltwater ....

well, the 1GX sells for $600 still.  A used 50d sells for 400?  A current 60d goes for only 100 more than the 1gx, though i would tend towards the 10-22 or the 60mm, so more is at state.  I've gotten away with minor leaks, but I've also seen total loss to a guy 5 minutes into a night dive.  Insurance is available, should be noted.

I started out with the film based Aquashots by Ikelite- the 2, the 3e (APS), and the A35.   But in 2003, I jumped to a Canon S400 and their housing for about $600.  Now you can get something of that class for closer to $350.   I'd be inclined to push someone to find an S90-S110 and its housing as a starting point, but the 1gx wouldn't be too bad a plan.  Those housings are nearly bulletproof - just one big o-ring to check for stray hairs or dirt.  A lot simpler than my Aquatica.

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