Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Re: Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

JohnBGood wrote:

retro76 wrote:

Trust me I want to love this camera. I love the design and love the primes. Primes + IS = Love.

Yes, the camera has great reviews, but I also see tons of them for sale on forums which makes me wonder...

"Tons" ! ! !

I'd have to say that beside your post, it must be the second or third I've seen on DPR...

Reading this, I have to go with Texinwien on the skeptical side, waiting for more "concrete" evidence of your claims, and I must say that my decision to keep or sell a camera would not be based on "wondering" because I see several of them for sale, but rather on my enjoyment of said camera or lack thereof.

And you have to realize that your experience is TOTALLY out of the norm fact wise, and here I'm not dissing your "perceptions", but you can not present those perceptions as facts.

Hoping you're not trolling.

If not, accept my sincere apologies and enjoy your 60D.

Sorry didn't mean to say Tons - that was wrong of me. As of late, I have noticed a number for sale. Like many of you have said, this camera has great reviews and people do seem to love it, so why are people selling ???  I am not trolling.  I don't really post on dpreview much anymore, mostly because people here do in fact argue a bit too much.  I prefer other forums which are much more civil, that being said there isn't too many forums dedicated to m4/3s, so I choose to post here.  Trust me big mistake, I forgot how bad it is here LOL.

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