Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Naysayers will still see doom and gloom

WirenL wrote:

So many are asking how a company that lost 170m last year continue with promises of future glory......

With so many other companies either investing in m4/3 or starting their own mirror less systems, I see it as Oly playing a well thought out poker bet..... you have a good thing going... infusion of fresh investments/partners, time to build even though it appears you don't have a hand and then surprise everyone with the nuts!

I think they are banking on good timing and well planned execution. So many are buying and enjoying m4/3'rds, companies are climbing on board for parts, bodies and lenses.... why not offer a step up to those m4/3 adopters... users new and old will want the next great and better system.

If their hand is a success, they could rake in enough chips to override the previous losses and get back into a commanding position in the game.... thus making up lost ground. It certainly won't propel them past the CaNikon giant, but they could be back to breathing down their necks.

But, if this works out for them, they'll be carrying an army of competitors right along behind them, so they will need to keep stepping up so as not to lose ground to those aiding in this hand.... This one little battle, however it pans out, won't win the war, but it will certainly be a memorable one I think.

And if they fail you ask? Well, then the competition will sweep up the tech and the war will move on, I just think that the strategists have their plans well thought out and look forward to seeing some great gear (and hopefully some new lenses) come out of it.

I also read that a new body will come out of the latest announcements, not just the continued sale of an older model..... flame on!

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Lee Wiren

I agree  Olympus is on a roll with the OMD. One of the few camera companies that are gaining users. That said the market is in a flux. With APS-C and full frame. We know Olympus can not go full frame with the current lenses. What we do know is that 4/3 vanilla  could  be and is competition to APS-C DSLRs with the new sensor. Olympus has a whole lens line up and a whole system in place ( Stagnating) with the jitters in the market a new release  of 4/3 with a one beautiful system down the road would show users and photographers that Olympus and 4/3 / m4/3  are here to stay and that they are to grow the product.

With n/c half hearted  attempts to date to go smaller their users are getting despondent especially the APS-C group. There is a whole market out there waiting to be snapped up but it will take trust as I think a lot of trust has been lost lately in the camera market.  For Olympus to kill the 4/3 I think would be a marketing disaster. To continue would be saying we are  here for the long haul and we are a camera company.

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