Does C-8080 firmware 757-78 or 757-77 can really remap dead pixels?

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Re: Does C-8080 firmware 757-78 or 757-77 can really remap dead pixels?

Make that two of us please! I have had my 8080 for over three years now and have enjoyed it a lot, alongside with my C7000, which actually sees several-fold more use due to its pocketability, even when it is in a case. I always wondered what I might be missing out on by not having the latest firmware. If anyone could please send it to me as well, or direct me to a site where I can download it, I would be very grateful, thank you.

Greytop wrote:

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Thanks to all

Since nobody answered my question, I answer it myself in case anybody is interested.

After I had updated my camera from the firmware 757-75 to 757-78 the pixel map thing started to do its job. It definetely removes all really dead pixels which you can notice on any shot with any exposure length. Still hot pixels which appear with long exposures like 1 second remain there. I recommend the update if you wish to get rid of dead pixels.


Hello George,

I have a mint C-8080 on it's way to me... arriving tomorrow. It's a camera that passed me by when it first came out but now I have a hankering to have some fun taking images with this highly respected device.

I would like to update to the latest (and last) firmware 757-78 but have been unable to track the file down on the web.

I wondered if you or anyone still have the file to email to me? Thanks in anticipation of your response.

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