Macro lens for Sony Nex: SEL30M35 or Vintage/Legacy manual focus?

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Macro vs portrait lens

The description of a zoom lens as "macro" implies it focuses closer that an "non macro" zoom lens but it will not focus to anything like the magnification (think life size or even half life size) that a true macro focusing prime lens is capable of.  Therefore the Canon FD 50 mm f3.5 macro will allow you to fill the frame with smaller subjects.

Portrait shots of people look best when taken from a distance that we are used to looking at each other.  This gives a normal looking distance perspective of the facial features.  If you shoot tight head portraits with a 30mm lens you are likely to be close enough that the subject's nose will appear overly large.  A 50mm or even longer (90 to 100mm) would be better at this.  For full body and group portraits 30mm would be fine.

Also if you want really shallow DOF something f/1.8 may be more to your liking than f/3.5.

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Prembo wrote:

I would like to purchase a macro lens for my Nex-5. How good would vintage/legacy manual focus macro lenses be on the NEX as opposed to the AF SEL30M35?

What vintage/legacy manual focus macro lenses do you recommend? What about the following:

  • Canon FD 35-70 mm macro zoom lens
  • Canon FD 28-55 mm macro zoom lens
  • Canon FD 50 mm f3.5 macro
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