D800 matrix metering vs. D600 matrix metering.

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Re: A different test.

Daniel Lauring wrote:

afterburn wrote:

...   In his book on the D800, Thom Hogan tells you what happens (page 270, matrix metering): exposure will change. If your AF point is on something that is lighter than grey, it will have a tendency to under expose and if they AF point is over something that is darker than grey, it will have a tendency to over expose.

Not for the D800 I've got. I just took a picture of a chess board with the camera set to matrix metering mode. I moved the focus point from the black checker to the white checker and the metering did not change. Switched to single point meter and the metering changed a HUGE amount.

Next I took a picture out the window, but with about a third of the window blocked by the wall in the right hand side of the frame. Moved the focus point all the way left to the window....where it was over white snow, then moved it all the way to the right, to the wall....which was very dark in comparison. Again the metering did not change.

I'd love to see someone perform the same test with the D600. I'll post picture results later...don't have the time to download right now.

D600, A mode, f/8, matrix metering.

Focus point on the sky:

Focus point on the dark vertical bar surrounded by lighter bars, ~ left 1/3rd way in:

Exactly what I would expect.  First version nicely balanced as if a human subject were in the right half of the scene.  Second one as if the human subject were backlit.  Detail held everywhere in the first; some highlights sacrificed in the second case, but amazingly, the sky detail is still recoverable in LR.


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